Chung Yang / Zenoah -
Tuning instructions

Installation Instructions Rocket Key

  1. Remove fan cover, leaving pull start attached
  2. Remove flywheel nut
  3. Thread the 6mm puller bolt into one of the threaded holes in the flywheel
  4. Tighten bolt against case behind flywheel (look for high spot on case) until flywheel pops off
  5. Remove stock woodruff key from crankshaft
  6. Wipe end of crankshaft clean
  7. Apply a small amount of grease to crankshaft end and keyway
  8. Install the Timing Advance Key with the offset on the right side (towards rear of Go-Ped)
  9. Re-install flywheel, lining up the keyway in the flywheel with the Timing Advance Key
  10. Press flywheel on as far as possible by hand, it may be tight going onto Timing Advance Key
  11. Install flywheel nut and tighten
  12. Re-install fan cover
  13. Re-check flywheel nut after first 5 minutes of use

NOTE: Timing Advance Key replaces the stock woodruff key